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Ultra Knee Elite Compression Knee Support - Club Topnotch

Ultra Knee Elite Compression Knee Support

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Meal - Ultra Knee Elite Compression Knee Support

How It Works

The Knee Elite Compression Knee Sleeve is a wearable and easy-to-use support device used by clinical professionals to relieve knee pain.

This type of adaptive support allows you to continue your daily activities, but without the pain. By helping to reduce stress on your knee joint, you can feel support even if you suffer from arthritis or after an injury.

This type of functional and adaptive decompression therapy used to only be available in specialist clinics, but now you can bring it home with you!

Appliance - Ultra Knee Elite Compression Knee Support

Measure above your knee and choose a size which works for you. Simply slip the soft sleeve over your knee and wear it when you need support. It's discreet and can fit under clothing.

Get back to an active lifestyle pain-free in a safe and supportive way. Stop spending a fortune on physio visits, doctors and expensive medications!

The Knee Elite has a size to fit everyone. It's suitable for sports, walking, and general everyday wear. Subtly wear it under your clothing, or pop it on for a trip to the gym.

Tri-weave neoprene material keeps your knees warm and supple providing natural joint lubrication.

 Silicon impact pad provides stability for the knee cap as well as protection from bumps and strains.

Ergonomically sculpted fit ensures maximum comfort without slippage.

Revolutionary support strips give full range of motion while protecting from twists and sprains.

 Discretely designed to be invisible under clothing.

 Easy-breathe, machine washable materials keep your knees at just the right temperature.

Medically approved, natural alternative to surgery, shots and medications.

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✔ Loved by over 49,000+ Customers: The popularity speaks for itself. This sleeve is changing the lives of everyone who uses it. Finally say goodbye to knee pain and get back to a normal lifestyle!

✔ Resume Your Favourite Activities: By being adaptable for the gym, sport or just walking, you can alleviate knee strain at all times throughout the day.

✔ Risk Free:Knee Elite has helped thousands of people live better, happier, pain-free lives. We want you to experience the benefits it has to offer, without the risk. Zero side-effects, and round the clock support from our team.

✔ All Types of Knee Pain: Whether you are suffering from tendonitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or any other joint discomfort, KneeElite™ is perfect for you. 

✔ Non-Slip For Exercise:Knee Elite has a specially designed strip on the inside to hold the sleeve up regardless of how hard you move or exercise.

✔ Any Time, Any Day:You don't need to save Knee Elite for the gym or a run. You can wear them all day, during work, running, sports or walking. They're machine washable so you don't need to go a day without them.

Ultra Knee Elite Compression Knee Support

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